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How we can help


What is TRiM for Veterans?

With over 850 separate UK registered charities all wishing to assist Veterans, the challenge for the T4V project is to accurately identify the correct resource and help the Veteran to access it.

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Our Team

The T4V Team is based in Naval Command Headquarters (NCHQ) & Royal Marines Association (RMA) Headquarter on Whale Island, Portsmouth UK and is made up of practitioners and expert advisors.

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Sharing your issues

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, we can be left with a bewildering array of emotions. It is at these times that you may require a little help to deal with new issues. Do not say ‘No’ if help is offered.

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Do the Royal Marines have a problem?

When individuals have served in the Armed Forces and experienced the challenges of operational deployments, they may take their resulting memories, both good and bad, with them when they return to civilian life. There is nothing wrong with memories providing they do not impair your ability to cope, function and generally get on with life.

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