Commandant General Royal Marines Personal Message


Major General E G M Davis CBE

For the Corps, as ever, our top priority remains caring for the bereaved families and the injured Royal Marines who bare the scars – both seen and unseen – of the brave, unyielding and selfless endeavours of our people.

That is why I am delighted with the launch of the Royal Marines’ Trauma Risk Management, or TRiM, for Veterans (T4V) Programme – another peer-group delivered strand of the Naval Service’s through-life care pathway which will be expanded to include the Royal Navy in due course.

This is a first for UK Defence.

Very soon we will have 40 members of the Royal Marines Association trained as T4V practitioners; thanks to the Naval Service’s Operational Stress Management Cell, and funding from generous Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund benefactors.  These practitioners, and more will follow, will be able to ‘take up point’ on steering those Bootnecks who leave the Corps with mental illnesses, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to a better place.  And of course, although we sometimes overlook it, Bootnecks continue to get injured and die when not on operations.  Indeed, over half of the 81 Royal Marines currently under the care of the Naval Service’s Rehabilitation Facility, Hasler Company, are there owing to non-combat injuries.

In short, our top priority is not operations-dependent; it is enduring.  Our Corps will never forget, nor fail, a Bootneck in his, or her, time of need; regardless of whether they are serving or retired.  T4V will play a crucial role in delivering this pledge.

– Major General E G M Davis CBE