Sharing your issues

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, we can be left with a bewildering array of emotions. It is at these times that you may require a little help to deal with new issues.

Having support from others can be invaluable. Do not say ‘No’ is help is offered. The assistance can come from family, trusted friends or TRiM for Veterans. When dealing with troublesome issues it is important you do not isolate yourself.


We recognise at T4V that there may well be times when you may need to be alone, to sit down and quietly reflect on your thoughts and feelings. This is a natural reaction to an abnormal event and you may need time to process your thoughts.

Whilst you may feel that you would welcome a degree of help, you may have a perception that insufficient assistance is available or that the wrong coping strategies may be offered to you. Some Veterans feel that by asking for help they are not living up to other people’s expectations of you. This view is certainly not the case! At  T4V we have experienced Practitioners who can quickly assist you.

Please contact us and see if we can help. A chat with a trained T4V Practitioner could make real difference to your situation.

Let us help you


We will treat your point of view in an anonymous manner and if possible share any constructive feedback with our visitors.

How do I become a volunteer?


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