Our Team

The T4V Team is based in the Royal Marines Association (RMA) Headquarters.

We have close connections with the Navy Command Headquarters (NCHQ) Operational Stress Management and TRiM Team who have been responsible for delivery of Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) to all Naval Service Personnel, including Royal Marines.

Both organisations are located in Whale Island and the T4V Team work closely in all matters appertaining to the T4V Project.

The Director of the T4V Project, Major Cameron March MBE RM has had a close association with TRiM for over 16 years.

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Major Cameron March MBE

Navy Command Pers Op OSM SO2

Cameron March joined the Royal Marines in 1963 and has served in many of the major conflicts that have involved the Corps in recent years. In 1996, whilst serving in the Headquarters Royal Marines as a MSF officer, he was asked to investigate and develop a suitable trauma management model for use by members of the Royal Marines. The resulting ‘Trauma Risk Management’ (TRiM) model has been used by the Royal Marines Command since 1998 and has been subsequently used by many other civilian and military organisations. In 2007 he was published in the book “Combat Stress Injury”. He was awarded the MBE in 2001 for his work in the field of Operational Stress Management. He holds an Advanced Diploma in the ‘Management of Psychological Trauma’ awarded by Nottingham Trent University

He recently retired as a Staff Officer at the Naval Command Headquarters where he was responsible for all aspects of operational trauma management and is now the director of the TRiM for Veterans Project and RMA welfare.



Wendy Sheen

Welfare Officer

Wendy Sheen joined the staff of the Royal Marines Association Central Office in March 2005. She has been part of the Corps Family for many years being married to a Royal Marine for over twenty eight years. Over that time she has built up an extensive knowledge of how the Royal Marines do their business and how it effects both the serving man and his family. Wendy’s specialisation at work is the Welfare system and she deals with the various welfare agencies and supporting charities on a daily basis. She is very proud to have been involved with the setting up and marketing of the TRiM for Veterans (T4V) project which she believes will be a valuable asset to all Royal Marines in the coming years. Wendy is married to WO2 Reg Sheen RM and they live in Hampshire with their west highland terrier Hamish and their six chickens.



Kirstin Knowlson-Clark


Kirstin works in Navy Command Head Quarters in Portsmouth for 5 years. She has TRiM experience and deals with the daily workings of a busy Operational Stress Management team. Having worked closely with Cameron for many years, she has developed many skills that will benefit the TRiM for Veterans Project. Kirstin has 2 children and a cat called Basil.