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 James Fowler

James was born and bred in Lancashire and is a keen Blackburn Rovers fan (its not all whippets and pies ya know).

He lives in the North West with his wife of 22years and 3 children.

James was one of the pioneers who took advantage of the border opening between Gibraltar and Spain in 1986. He worked as a plasterer in Gib and lived in Spain prior to returning to “Blighty” to join the Royal Marines in 1991.

James states, “joining the Royal Marines was the proudest moment of my life, an experience I would not swap for the world”. James says, “ I have been so fortunate to meet some of the most influential people in my life and forge some life long friendships”. Unfortunately, James left the Corps in 1993 with a “Honourable Discharge” on medical grounds after suffering a double fracture to his spine. James states “reaching week 23 with your first troop, then having to leave the Corp through injury was a bitter pill to swallow and very difficult to accept”. Although devastated to leave James says they were the best years of his life and he would not change a thing (apart from the injury of course).

Having a disablement was never going to be easy, James believes the ethos and values of the Royal Marines has kept him going, stating “by accepting your limitations you can still lead a exciting and fruitful life”.
Since then he has a varied employment history including driving Lorries around the UK, Europe and the old Eastern Bloc. In the early millennium he volunteered in the community supporting people with substance misuse issues during the evenings. This lead to him becoming a Substance Misuse Practitioner prior to becoming the Deputy Treatment Manager of a 44 bedded Therapeutic Community with-in the Criminal Justice System (Prisons) for over 7 years.

James only started gaining educational qualifications late in life gaining his “cap n gown” in Education in 2005 at the ripe old age of forty-one.

Surprisingly life long learning has never stopped; James has recently completed a three-year University course to become a qualified Registered Nurse in Mental Health (RNMH). He now works in a Secure Forensic Hospital on a “Rehabilitation and Recovery” ward.

James states “its funny how things work out, over twenty years ago I was devastated to leave the Royal Marines and today I can draw on my life experiences to hopefully give support through “TRiM” to our Royal Marines veterans”.

Martin Kettrick






Martin Kettrick

I joined the Marines after leaving school in 1974 at the age of 16. On completion of my training I served in 41 Cdo in Malta, 45 Cdo in Arbroath and as a Corporal in Air Defence Trop with 3 Cdo Brigade in Plymouth.

However I sustained serious spinal injuries whilst on mountain training in the Lake District and was subsequently medically discharged in 1982 as a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair  – I don’t think there are many marines who can say they are now a “Para”.

I must be honest and say that I found it extremely difficult to settle back into civvy street after I was medically discharged – however I now look back on it as a real learning experience that helped me to have a better understanding about life and the problems faced by people with a disability. On my discharge I successfully campaigned for over 7 years with my local MP Jack Ashley for the Abolition of Section 10, a law law witch denied service personnel from claiming adequate compensation in cases of negligence, however it was never made retrospective so I did not benefit from changes.

I have since met my wife Christine and been married for almost 25yrs, I adopted my wife’s twin children and now have 3 wonderful grandchildren. I’ve worked for Citizens Advice both as a volunteer and employee after completing a BA (Hons) in Advice Studies at Staffordshire University. I had to give up work a couple of years ago, due to ill health, but have now been able to do some casework for the Royal British Legion and SSAFA. I also enjoy getting involved with my local RMA in Stoke-on-Trent and RNA in Uttoxeter.

I’ve also been a member of my local Rotary club for over 23 yrs and enjoy getting involved in any fundraising. In my younger days I was also heavily involved in wheelchair racing, completing in many half and full marathons across the UK including the London and Great North Run. Although I don’t do competitive sport now I do plan to try and complete the Coast to Coast (Whitehaven to Sunderland) in July 2014 and try and raise a little for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust.

David Johnson

Dave Johnson

Dave joined the corps in 1975 aged 16 as a junior marine at Deal.  He served in the Corps until 1986 with 45 Cdo, Cdo Log Regt, 41 Cdo, HMS Bristol and RMR Merseyside.  He passed the junior and senior command courses, did tours of Northern Ireland and served in Birmingham during the FBU strike.

Once he left the corps Dave served in Merseyside Police as a response driver until being pensioned out in 2001 with an Injury, since then he has passed his Certificate in Adult Education and began teaching Public and Uniform Services in college and then to disengaged 14-20 year olds.  He is currently retired due to His Injuries.

Dave has 3 grown up children, his nephew was injured in Iraq whilst serving with the Army, he is a keen member of his local RMA branch and these 2 things combined with his desire to help others have led to him undertaking the TRIM4 veterans training.

Rosie Murray

Rosie Murray MBE

Rosie Murray was a Social Worker by profession and became involved in emergency planning by default. She worked for Leicester City Council Emergency Team for 25years but is now a full time professional trainer in the human aspects of disaster management and the support of those who have experienced traumatic events.

In Jan 1989 Rosie was involved in supporting relatives through the identification procedure following the Kegworth air crash and developed an ongoing interest in the planning for the welfare response in the immediate aftermath of disaster.

In recent years Rosie has become more involved in awareness raising and training programmes in relation to the human aspects of disaster response and has contributed to a number of national working parties and reports. She is involved in training police Family Liaison Officers, Local Authority staff and  chaired the EPS Human Aspects Group from 1995.-2010. She delivers human aspects of business continuity training to the private sector. Rosie also continues to respond to families and individuals and is a `hands on` practitioner.

In the aftermath of 9/11 Rosie was Project Co-ordinator of a helpline set up by the Red Cross at the request of the Government. She had the same role in the aftermath of the tsunami worked with the Red Cross from 1st Jan 2005 – Aug 2006. Rosie has offered training in UK and Europe, most recently with the European Commission and the Council for the European Union in Brussels. She has also trained airline staff in the Middle East.

My son is a serving Royal Marine and has been in the Corps for 23years, he is now a Major and has been deployed many times.

Billy Heyes

William Heyes

I am 70 yrs of age and served my apprenticeship as an electrician, eventually achieving Technician standard with J.I.B. responsibility for petro-chemical installations (Shell, Burmah Castrol, etc…)

I Worked for 3 yrs at Ford Car Plant Halewood, and 10 yrs in the Construction Industry Training Board (C.I.T.B.) mentoring and monitoring over 350 apprentices, responsible for their safety, training, work experience, and welfare.

I am a past member of the I.S.T.D & U.K.A. teacher of Ballroom & Latin American and have a black belt in (Shodan) Karate (K.U.G.B.)

I served 6 yrs with the RMFVR based at Morpeth Dock Merseyside and am a member of the Liverpool branch of the RMA

I have 2 grown up sons , Alan & Roger and 1 Daughter, Brittany. I also have 2 Granddaughters Lauren & Olivia.

Darren Kitchen





Darren Kitchen

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Roy Haskett

Roy Haskett completed his secondary education at the age of 16, in 1959. After leaving school he gained the necessary qualifications and was employed locally as skilled Motor Mechanic. He later went on to join the Royal Marines in May 1971. After passing out from training he serviced with 42 Commando RM for the next 14 months in a Rifle Company. He then re-qualified initially, as a Vehicle Mechanic iii, then later qualifying as a VMii. He then served in 3 Commando Brigade for some 6+ years.  During which he served twice in Northern Ireland. He was also involved in many NATO deployments and other major exercises. He was, Honourably Discharged, with a Neurosencory Hearing Impediment in February 1978.

In April 1978 ‘till May 1986 he joined the board of Oak Tree Tablet Co and took up a position as Production Director/General Manager. Following on from which it was Roy’s intention to enter Social Work, he studied, and later went on to take up a course of Higher Education at Lancaster University, gaining a BA degree in Sociology, in June 1991.

From October 1991 till March 1996 He worked for Lancashire Probation Service, as an Assistant Manager, in one of their residential hostels. This involved a degree of time spent following up residential care, with the sensitive aftercare of offenders which often meant working also with their families. He later went on to be employed in Local Authority Youth Justice Work, mainly with Blackpool and  Lancashire County Councils from 1996 – 2006. A lot of this work involved advising Local Youth Courts on the suitability of accredited programmes for young offenders.

After taking an early retirement, at the age of 63, in November 2006, he went into local politics. By May 2007 he had been successful in gaining a seat on Blackpool Council, on which he served till May 2011. During this period Roy was appointed: Assistant Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities. Board Member of BSafe (Local Community Safety Partnership), also Member and Vice Chairman of both, Blackpool Licensing Committee and Public Protection Sub Committee. As an Elected Member of Blackpool Council, Roy was further Citizens’ Advice Bureau appointed to serve on the Boards of three Outside Bodies. These were, the local Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Trust and Lancashire Crimestoppers. For the last 3 years he continues to work chiefly in the charity sector, by serving as a trustee on both his local RMA Branch and the Board of the Blackpool Office of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Roy first became aware of the work of the Citizens’ Advice Bureau whilst serving in the RM Corps. It is fair to say that he has been a tireless voluntary worker, in some form or other, for most of his life. He continues to be a very actively involved with the Blackpool CAB since being appointed as an Elected Member rep in summer 2007. He is also Member of the Royal Marines Association, joining the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde Branch in 2004. He has previously served as both their Branch Welfare Officer and a former Royal British Legion Case Worker.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith

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Steven Booth

Stephen Booth

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Leonie Beavers

Leonie Beavers

Leonie was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She arrived in the United Kingdom on a working holiday in 1977 and has remained in the UK since that time. She has lived in Southport, Merseyside for the past 25 years and has a son and a daughter and two grandsons.

She is retired after working in the NHS for 35 years – in London and in Liverpool – latterly as Managing Director of Liverpool Primary Care Trust ( LPCT). In the years prior to her retirement she was the LPCT Director with lead responsibility for Military Veterans Health as well as Director with lead responsibility for emergency preparedness and resilience.

She spent many years working in NHS organisations providing mental health services, addiction services, rehabilitation services and community care services. She has an understanding of some of the challenges faced by individuals who need these services and the complexity they face when trying to access services across different agencies.

Her son is a serving Royal Marine who has been in the Corps since 2005. During that time her son has completed tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Leonie has first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by Royal Marines families before, during and after deployment as well as the day to day issues that life in the Corps can present for families.

Leonie is committed to supporting Royal Marines Charities and has participated in many fundraising events over the past few years designed to raise money to support current and former Royal Marines in need.

Michael Bunner

Michael Bunner

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Ron Bell

Ron Bell

My relationship with the Corps began in 1971 at Deal. On completion of training, I went on to serve in 40 Cdo, 42 Cdo, CTCRM, Northwood and HMS Ashanti.

On leaving the Corps I returned with my wife, Brenda and three daughters to our hometown of Blackpool.  For the next 15 years I was employed in the Finance and Banking sector, where the “state of mind”, attitude instilled in me during my time in the Corps helped me to succeed and develop a rewarding career.

During this time I gained valuable business experience working at board level and my last appointment before establishing my own management consultancy was as an Operations Director within the Bank of Scotland Group.

Having now partially retired, I keep busy with a number of business interests and devote a lot of my time to working for the local community.  This has included serving as a Magistrate a Councillor, a member of the Independent Monitoring Board at Kirkham Prison and Chairman of the Fylde Ex-Service Liaison Committee. I have also been an RMA Trustee for ten years and in 2013 I was elected Chairman of the RMA.

I feel that the Corps has given me much and I look forward to giving something back through this wonderful TRiM initiative.

Paul Deacon

Paul Deacon

I joined the Corps in 1980 and after completing training joined 42 Cdo RM. Subsequent drafts to Commachio Gp (43 Cdo), HMS Warrior, RMR Bristol and 40 Cdo RM brought my service with the Corps to an end in 1992. Operationally, I served in the Falklands conflict and Op Haven (North Iraq and South Turkey).

I moved “up north” and have worked for Wyre Council since 1996, mostly in community safety, dealing with the reduction of domestic violence, anti-social behaviour, Multi Agency Problem Solving and community engagement.

I would recommend joining your local RMA branch and I am currently Chairman of the Blackpool branch, my other roles within the branch include the branch sprog, DL and PTI. I also co-ordinate our annual Blackpool Commando fund raising Yomp.

I am part of the Wyre Armed Forces covenant team and hope to use my contacts to raise awareness of the superb T4Vets initiative and help our veterans who may need support.

William Beecroft

William Beecroft

I joined the RMFVR in 1963 at the age of 18, at Morpeth Dock, Birkenhead. After going through a 6 month training course I went to Deal to complete Phase One. I was lucky to represent RMV at the Royal Albert Hall on Remembrance weekend. Followed by another 6 months training. I went to CTCRM, Lympstone for Phase Two.

Having gained my Green Beret I was involved in “Commando Wing” at Birkenhead for another year. Within that year I was involved in a NATO exercise, in Germany called ”Top Traveller”. We were deployed to join members of 42 Commando, United States Marines and Dutch Marines.

After completing another 6 months I joined Special Boat Section Royal Marines at Morpeth Dock. From there I spent 18 months training with SBS, gaining my wings at RAF Abingdon later that year. I then went to Poole to start training as a swimmer/canoeist. The experiences gained in the Corps was invaluable and some of the proudest moments of my life.

Due to work and marriage commitments I left the Corps in 1969. I am married to Rosemary and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

My civilian role was Head of Brand Operations at Shop Direct Catalogues in Speke, Liverpool, where I headed a department of 130 staff. I attended many Change Management and LEAN courses.

I retired in 2007, 4 years early to pursue other interests. I applied to the Justice Department to become a JP, and was successful. I have been sitting for some 6 years. This is where I see ex-servicemen, unfortunately, entering the justice system, I am hoping to be able to identify people suffering from PTSD and have the experience to help guide them to the right channels to get further help via my T4V Practitioner qualification.

I gained my instructors certificate in inland and sea kayaking, enjoying expeditions both in the inner and outer hebrides and also the west coast of Ireland. I attained a 2nd degree belt in karate. I still try to get to a gym 3 times a week and walk in a local walking club.

I am the charity organiser and events co-ordinator for the RMA Merseyside branch and my experiences of life will, hopefully, help me empathise with veterans seeking help.

Brian Bartlett

Brian Bartlett

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J Walton

John Walton

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