South West Regional Practitioners

Our Practitioners based in the South West are:


Paul Adey

Paul after a career in the Royal Marines (16 years) & Army (14 years) of 30 years before being medically discharged in November 2004. Paul now lives in Gloucestershire. He is a senior Civil Servant in the MoD working at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham, Wiltshire managing a team of Military, Civil Servant & Contractor personnel.  He is an avid Gloucester Rugby fan holding 2 season tickets and enjoys cycling around the glorious Cotswold countryside.

He became a T4V Practitioner as he feels he has a good work-life balance and wants to support Veterans who may not be so fortunate.

Paul Denning

Paul Denning

Paul Denning was born in 1961 in London and has lived a nomadic existence ever since.  Educated at Solihull School in the West Midlands, he joined the Royal Marines as a Direct Entry Officer in May 1980.  On completion of Young Officer training he joined 45 Commando Group, for the first of 3 tours in the Unit.  He mixed Commando Unit tours with flying tours for the first 10 years of his career, having passed the Army Flying Course in 1983 and served with 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron.  The highpoint was an attachment to the USMC flying Cobra Attack Helicopters based in California.  (Yup, it was awful!)  He shot with the Royal Marines Shooting Team at Bisley (87-89) eventually winning the RN Queen’s Medal for Champion Shot, and also for the GB Service Rifle Team.

He attended the Army Command and Staff College in 1995 which qualified him for some really dull jobs.  These included the Naval Aviation Headquarters, the FLEET Headquarters, Ministry of Defence and the Permanent Joint Headquarters in UK and the Headquarters of SACT in NATO based in Norfolk Virginia, USA.  In the midst of these, he was allowed out on good behaviour for 2 years, to command Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines, which was an honour and a privilege and also a lot of fun.  He was also selected to perform the duties of Royal Marines Temporary Equerry to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, (an irony not lost on those who knew him well).

His operational experience includes Northern Ireland, the Falklands Conflict, Kosovo, Northern Iraq and Turkey and Somalia.  He was on the planning staffs in MOD and PJHQ for Iraq, Afghanistan and the UK Fireman’s Strike.  He was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2004.

On leaving the Corps, after a short contract in Saudi Arabia (12 days, got sacked before he had even left the Corps), he started his own Security and Risk Management business based in Devon.

He is married with 3 children of his own, plus another 3 he seems to have acquired on the way, who seem to ignore him and do their own thing.  He is a keen sportsman, notably these days doing cycling and golf, and watching everything else.  He is a sports motorcycle enthusiast and the owner of a Gixer.

Len Huff


Len joined the Corps at age 16, in September 1959, as a member of JE 4 Squad.

On completion of training in March, 1961 he joined B Tp,

41 Cdo in Bickleigh and was a member of that year’s Earls Court Cliff Assault Display Team.

He qualified as a CL3 straight afterwards, then immediately joined 45 Cdo, in Little Aden. He was promoted Cpl at age 18 after attending a JCC at the RMCTC in Ghajn Tuffieha, Malta GC.

Returning from Aden in late 1962, to the newly formed 43 Cdo in Stonehouse, thus serving in three Cdo’s in 18 months, he was to change his SQ from CL to Clerk and, in his own words, never looked back, gaining ‘Distinguished’ passes on his C3, C2 and C1 courses.

Len served in 42 Cdo in Singapore 1967-70 and again 1973-75, by now in Bickleigh, leaving to become Chief Clerk at CTCRM in August 1975.

Perhaps better known on the basketball, tennis, squash and badminton courts, not to mention soccer pitches as the senior soccer referee in the Royal Navy, being elected ‘Corps Sportsman Of The Year’ in 1978, than behind a desk tapping away on his Olympia, he ended his career in the regular Corps as a Chief Clerk in Dept of CGRM, in MofD, in mid-1983 as WO2(C).

A year later he was asked to join RMR City of London to take control of its Non-Public Funds and lead the Unit’s Recruiting Team. He was to remain a member of the RMR for nine years, moving to RMR Bristol in late 1989 in the rank of Captain RMR.

A badly fractured pelvis suffered in a RTA in October 1990 subsequently made it nigh impossible for him to complete the physical challenges of life in the RMR and after three years as Officers’ Mess Sec, Recruiting Officer and I/C Unit Non-Public Funds, again, but by now computerised, he ‘retired’ from the RMR in 1993.

Len was awarded the Reserve Decoration (RD) in 1992.

In June 2010, on returning to England from a post-retirement, two-year tour of North America, Charlie Hobson made Len an “offer he could not refuse”, a new appointment as the RMA’s Welfare Co-ordinator. One of his tasks is to link former RMs who have gone through, or are still experiencing difficult times, with their nearest Branch of the RMA.

More recently he has completed TRiM Practitioner training.

Len lives with his wife, Sally, in Bristol.

Ben Chetwyn‏

Ben Chetwyn.

Ben Joined the Royal Marines as a Junior in 1960 and left in August 1970 – on the day the rum ration was ended. He served aboard HMS Loch Alvie in the Aden Gulf and was with 40 Cdo in Borneo. He ended his service in Singapore with 3 Cdo Bde HQ working as a vehicle mechanic. Civilian life found him in the New City of Milton Keynes running his own Plant and Tool Hire Company which he and his wife ran until they sold and retired to Devon in 2007. A member of the Exeter RMA as standard bearer which involves him in more parades than when he was serving.

Emma Rawlings

Emma Rawlings

Emma Rawlings was born in Warwickshire in 1976 the daughter of a former Royal Marine , She studied nursing at Keele university where she qualified as a nurse in 1998.

Emma joined the Queens Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service in 2001 where she served at MDHU Derriford, OP Telic with 34 field Hospital, RNH Gibraltar,

RCDM  Birmingham  and RNHC Drake.

Emma spent her last 3 years of Service at CTCRM Medical Centre before being medically discharged in 2012.

Emma Currently works with Devon and Cornwall Police as a Custody nurse Practitioner, She lives in Plymouth with her Mad Chocolate Labrador Bruno.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Chris joined the Corps in 1975 and qualified as a Physical Trainer in 1981 and left after 21 years in 1996. Since then he has worked in team, leadership and personal development as well as continuing his interests in mountaineering, climbing and cycling.

He lives with his girlfriend and business partner Anne in a converted barn they renovated overlooking the picturesque Otter Valley in East Devon. They have between them four grown up children and four grandchildren.

Chris volunteered for the role of T4V practitioner through his understanding of helping others to develop in work and life can also support those not so fortunate and in need in our corps family.

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Dale Roberts

I joined the Royal Marines in January 1981 as a member of 158 troop and enjoyed a varied career as a chef, staff car driver and IT manager until my retirement in 2009.

Following retirement and having always having lived life to the full with an ethos of, ‘If you enjoy what you are doing you will be good at it’ I found retirement boring and decided to enrol on a 3 year BSc honours Paramedic Practitioner course at Plymouth University which was a challenge I enjoyed.

Having now found a new vocation as a Paramedic in East Devon I was aware that support sometimes required more than a cup of tea and someone to talk to and became a T4v practitioner so as to be able to provide better support for former Royal Marines and ex service personnel either via my work or through T4v.

Dan Richmond

Dan Richmond MSc MEd

Throughout both my military and civilian career I have been actively involved in many aspects of Youth, Community and Voluntary Work; which has included involvement within a range of statutory, voluntary and community settings. I have worked with a variety of people and with various projects such as Early Years, Play work and Youth work, work with families, children with additional needs, and work with the service and veteran community.

I have 22 years experience of military service spending my first 17 years with the Royal Marines before transferring into the Naval Welfare Service (NPFS) – the first Royal Marine to undergo this transition.

Within NPFS I carried out the functions of Case Worker and then Community Development Worker, qualifying with a BA (Hons) in Youth and Community Work (the first member of the NPFS to achieve this qualification).

Since leaving the service I have worked as the Community Manager with Harrogate Borough Council, the British Forces Youth Service (BFYS) Gibraltar, as the Training Officer with the Plymouth City Council Youth Service, and with the Plymouth City College, as a Tutor on the Public Services Course; taking on the role of Naval Area Community Officer (with NPFS) in 2008.

In this latest role I have had the responsibility for ensuring the provision of a responsive and effective community support programme for service personnel and their families, particularly during times of hostility or deployment. This work being recognised through receipt of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service (the MBE for voluntary groups), and the Commandant General Royal Marines Commendation.

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Mark Groves

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Stephenie Stockley

Stephenie Stockley

Hi I’m Stephenie; I’m married with 2 sons and live in Poole in Dorset.

I have a father of 95 who has suffered from PTSD since WW2 so I decided to use the experience of living with a family member with Post Traumatic symptoms to good effect and train with Trim4Veterans.

I have worked in numerous jobs from the age of 16 when my father was offered work in Sardinia working for the Aga Khan building his Golf Course.My father had many friends from the end of the war in Italy and always wanted to work there so it was an ideal job for him in golf course construction. It was the beginning of 10 years of working abroad for me and my family. I worked in Sardinia, Italy, Spain, USA and the Ivory Coast until I came home to England and married.

After having my family I went into child care for 20yrs as a Manager where I worked with Children & Family services.We had my parents come and live with us when my father retired at 75 which was 20 years ago now.

I am now looking after my parents with my father now in a local nursing home and my mother still living with us. Last year for my birthday I was given a retired racing greyhound by my sons and husband for my birthday and spend my time walking him. I am hoping in the future to register him either as a Caring Canine or a PAT dog. We have started by taking him into the nursing home and he is learning patience allowing residents to stroke him.

I am looking forward to working with Trim4Veterans and hope that I will be able to offer support to Veterans and their families.

Charlotte Walton

Charlotte Walton

Charlotte joined the Royal Navy in 1992 as a Medical Assistant, following drafts to RNH Stonehouse, RNH Haslar and HMS Coventry she completed her Operating Department Practitioners Course (ODP).

As an ODP she worked in HMS Norfolk, HMS Invincible, RNH Gibraltar, RFA Argus PCRF during Telic 1 and MDHU Derriford. Charlotte joined Medical Squadron, Commando Logistics Regiment where she deployed on Herrick 5; working as a convoy medic and as one of the Medical Liaison Officers in the JOC at Bastion.

After returning, Charlotte returned to MDHU Derriford briefly before a short draft to 40 Cdo as rear party practice manager in the sickbay at Norton Manor, during Herrick 12.  After being medically downgraded, she spent a short period of time at HMS Collingwood sickbay, before joining The Institute of Naval Medicine as the staff assistant to the MOIC. Charlotte was medically discharged from the RN in 2011. She now lives in Plymouth and works as an ODP at Derriford Hospital, where she still gets her fix of the RN!

Charlotte completed the TRiM course in the RN and wanted to help continue the good work it has done for serving members, by converting her training to veterans.

Anthony Ward

Anthony Ward

Tony Ward was born in Northampton on 8 May 1947 and entered the Royal Marines on 13October 1964, narrowly missing lining the route of Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral.   After completing basic training at Deal and the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) in May 1966, he completed a Signals training course and subsequently joined Sigs Squadron in 3 Commando Brigade HQ in Singapore. During his first draft he sailed on HMS Intrepid (showing the flag) to Korea, Okinawa and Hiroshima and on HMS Bulwark to Brisbane where he was fortunate to spend some time on leave with long lost cousins.

November 1967 saw him drafted to Royal Marines Poole and he volunteered for and completed a Sigs/Canoeist/Para course and a year later he began a full SC3 course and subsequently relinquished his Sigs qualification.  He was then drafted to 2 SBS and returned to Singapore in July 1970 for another 18 month stint.

A deployment to teach O2 diving to the New Zealand SAS ensued and a quick 7 month draft to 3 SBD in Bahrein followed with deployments to Cyprus and Iran.  On return to the UK Tony completed his Junior Command course and was promoted to Corporal.  Two deployments to Gibraltar in 71 and 73 interspersed with cruises on HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid followed.  He helped form the very first embryo SBS Counter Terrorist cell and completed training with 22 SAS Special Projects Team. He then volunteered for Special Duties in Northern Ireland and a 4 month training period was immediately followed by a year on covert operations in 1976 for which he was awarded a bar to his Northern Ireland GSM.

On return a culture change in appearance was necessary for a Senior Command Course on which a Superior pass was achieved.  Promotion to Sergeant and an SC1 course with distinguished pass soon took place.  Another deployment to NZSAS in 1978 followed.  Three successive winters in North Norway were then followed by a draft to 5 SBS Commachio Group in Arbroath.  Tony was awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in 1980.

A 6 week training team visit to Brunei whilst Section Sergeant Major of the Counter Terrorist 1 SBS resulted in a married accompanied 2 year draft to Brunei as a Colour Sergeant teaching Brunei Malay soldiers to swim, climb and shoot.  A good liaison also developed with the Hong Kong Police Special Duties Unit where the bamboo pole and hook method was taught and imported to the SBS in the UK.

In April 1984 he returned to Poole as Detachment Sergeant Major with an Acting rank of WO2 to help form the first SDV Group, a £7m trials project based in Portland to bring an American semi-submersible into service with the SBS.

In 1988 Tony reluctantly left the SBS and Royal Marines after 23 ½ year’s service to join the FCO.   During his 20 year FCO career he has served as an Overseas Security Officer in Brussels, Moscow and Paris and as an Immigration/Consular Officer in London, Mauritius, Lusaka, Washington and Lagos.  Tony is a BSAC Club Instructor and Advanced Diver, is qualified in video production and is interested in writing/self publishing.

In 2008 Tony was recruited as the Assistant Secretary to the SBS Association.  He helped to raise considerable funds and was responsible for the welfare of serving and former members. That contract ended in September last year.  In December 2013 he qualified as a Taxi Driver in Poole and that is his current job.

Tony and his partner Charmyne live in Poole and have 3 sons, 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren between them.

Alecia Emerson-Thomas

Alecia Emerson-Thomas

Currently undertaking a Psychology Degree, Alecia has years of experience working within the Emergency Services where she has gained a wealth of knowledge and exposure to traumatic events.
Alecia also contributes voluntarily to various organisations in her spare time. She was awarded a commendation from The Mayor in 2013 for her voluntary work and continues to fundraise for The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund, taking part in various extreme sporting events.

Ritchie Puttock

Richie Puttock

Richie Puttock is currently employed as the Operations Manager for the Royal Marines Association.

Working out of the RMA Central Office based at Whale Island in Portsmouth Richie travels up and down the country ensuring that the Corps Family stays strong and united. He joined the RMA from CTCRM after serving as the Wing Sergeant Major for Commando Training Wing. He has been in post for just over 4 years. He lives in Dorset and still enjoys most sports including skiing, rugby and Ju-Jitsu.

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Anne Morrison

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Jim Hutton, OBE

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Luke Hosty

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Rachel Hembury

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