Trauma Risk Management for Veterans

To provide a new tier of assistance to the Veteran community, the Operational Stress Management (OSM) Cell of the Naval Command Headquarters based in Portsmouth, the Royal Marines Association (RMA) and the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF) have come together to support and implement a new project called “TRiM for Veterans” (T4V). The project will be run initially as a pilot scheme for a duration of 30 months and will support all Royal Marines Veterans. If the pilot is successful the scheme will be expanded to include our Veteran colleagues from the Royal Navy.

To assist in dealing with these issues T4V uses a bespoke adaptation of the current TRiM system. The project works in close conjunction with the existing RMA Welfare system. The project, funded by RMCTF, trains personnel who are members of the RMA and who have volunteered to become T4V Practitioners. Their training consists of a two module course which deals with a wide range of physiological support issues, interviewing skills and case work. It should be noted that T4V Practitioners are not trained as therapists or counsellors.

Their role is to act as the initial responders to the troubled Veteran. In simple terms their task is to; ‘Engage – Befriend – Signpost’. The signposting process is designed to ensure that Veterans are directed to the appropriate support agency with the minimum of delay. With over 850 separate UK registered charities all wishing to assist Veterans, the challenge for the T4V project is to accurately identify the correct resource and help the Veteran to access it.


trim_thumb_01The Issues

Despite enjoying the lowest levels of mental health issues in the Armed Forces, there will be a percentage of Royal Marines Veterans who may encounter problems.

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trim_thumb_02How will it work?

On completion of their service all leavers who have been engaged on operations during their tenure in the Royal Marines will receive a TRiM leaving interview.

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trim_thumb_03What can I expect?

TRiM for Veterans will use a variety of existing organisations to support veterans. As well as the T4V Buddy Courses that are a new way of linking up with Royal Marines Veterans in your area.

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