T4V Buddy Courses

T4V Buddy Courses

T4V Buddy Courses are a new way of linking up with Royal Marines Veterans in your area, making a wider circle of friends, discussing common issues and getting an in-depth knowledge of challenging psycho- social issues. These Courses are a new strategy for Royal Marines Veterans, but the format has been successfully tried and tested at Kings College. Perhaps the best way of explaining how a ‘Buddy Course’ works is to ask the  respective questions that will clarify the nature of the course;

How long does the Buddy Course last for? 

(It consist of five separate modules each of 2 hours duration)

How many people can attend the Course? 

(The Courses can accommodate up to 8 attendee’s and the minimum amount of people is 4. All Courses are facilitated by 2 T4V Practitioners)

Where do the ‘Buddy Courses’ take place?

(They take place locally to a RMA Branch to avoid too much travelling. However, the actual course modules can be delivered at a variety of venues, even in local hotels if other options are not readily available)

When do the Course Modules take place? 

(This is very much down to the wishes of the participants and the facilitators – they can take place on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. The same applies to the start times of the Course module, timing are by mutual agreement)

How much does it cost to attend a ‘Buddy Course’? 

(Nothing, the whole Course, including refreshments, is free. The only thing we ask is that; attendee’s participate and attend the modules regularly)

What is the syllabus of the five modules? 

(The modules commence with a session of “Progressive Muscular Relaxation”, this followed by the “Education Phase”, refreshments follow and then finally we go into the “Discussion Phase”)

What subjects do you deal with in the “Education Phase”? 

(There are a number of subjects presented during this phase. The subjects dealt with on each module are: 

  • Coping with stress
  • Sleeping more effectively
  • Unhelpful thinking
  • Bereavement & loss
  • New & gainful activities


The subjects are designed to be interactive and Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and debate the points made in the various presentations)

How do I get a place on a “Buddy Course” ? 

(Contact T4V at the following address and will forward your details to The appropriate T4V Practitioner)