The Issues

Despite enjoying the lowest levels of mental health issues in the Armed Forces, there will be a percentage of Royal Marines Veterans who may encounter problems.

Either in the military environment or as a Veteran, at some point nearly all of us will experience a traumatic event which may challenge our view of the world and/or ourselves. Why some people are affected more than others has no simple answer but nevertheless, for a short period, they may need some assistance.

Thankfully most stress reactions to traumatic events are entirely normal and manageable, particularly with the correct degree of support from fellow Veterans, colleagues, friends and family. At a low level they can consist of troubling memories, disturbed sleep patterns, misuse of  alcohol, anger issues and relationship difficulties. These conditions are certainly not uncommon and if addressed quickly, can be successfully dealt with. However, if unaddressed, these conditions have the potential to become highly toxic. In the most severe cases they can go on to develop into a wide range of post traumatic difficulties.